Horsethief Canyon Ranch
South Corona (33.73 N --117.43 W) Elevation 1410'
Official Spotter Station for the National Weather Service
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Today's Peak Gust
17 at 12:08pm

HCR Climate Data

Yesterday's High Temp 108.5 Monthly High Temp
108.5 on 7/22/16
Yesterday's Low 72.5 Monthly Low Temp
55.6 on 7/4/16
Yesterday's Precipitation 0.00 Montly Peak Wind Gust
19 mph on 7/1/16
Yesterday Peak Gust 18 Yearly High Temp
112.9 on 6/20/16
Current Season Rainfall Data   Yearly Low Temp
34.9 on 2/2/16
Rainfall Data Archive   Yearly Peak Wind Gust
45 mph on 1/31/16
Current Year Climate Data   Yearly/Monthly Climate Data Archive (2005-2015)

HCR Weather
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Peak Rainfall Rate 0.000
at 12:00am
Rain Rate-Detailed
Hourly Rainfall Rate graph


Solar Radiation

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Current rain rate is 0.000

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